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HOW TO HIDE/PROTECT YOUR PICTURES & VIDEOS ON ANDROIDI'll show you two ways you can do thisLets get it done!!!USING HIDDEN FOLDERIdentify the folder were the file is stored and open it.Highlight it.Cut the file entirely.Click your option key and enable hidden folders.Choose any one you can remember.Paste the file.The file will no longer been seen in your GALLERY 2. EXTENSION REVAMP Go to your file manager.Access the respective image or video.Highlight it.Click the option key and choose RENAME.Then Delete the last 3 letters that come after a fullstop(.jpg or .mp4).Coin/use any extension of your choice (.vic) and Save. The image/video will be hidden and can be accessed by revamping/changing it back to its original extension.
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Hello! Welcome to GODSSPELL BLOG
Today I want to guide you on how to get double data on the Airtel Network.
On your device,dial *144# and send to register.Recharge your sim.Dial *141# and purchase a data bundle.To confirm your extra data dial*140#. Very easy and simple.
NOTE: This offer is from 200mb and above.
Enjoy your data and don't forget to tell your friends about GODSSPELL BLOG.